We are a family owned and operated small business.

We started working out of our home in 2008 under the name StickerPirates.

In 2013 we changed our name to Ultimate Graphic and Sign LLC and moved it out of our home. First opening up a store front in St. Charles, Michigan thru 2014. In February of 2015 we moved to our current location in Thomas Township. We are now more central to our customer base and closer to our sign and graphic competitors. Some may wonder why we would want to be closer to our competitors, that is simple to answer. Being closer to our competitors gives us an edge we didn't have before. When someone visits one or both of our two closest competitors, Sign Image and Tri City Customs they may walk out with sticker shock. Now with us being just up the road from them it gives the customer another option. Now, we are not knocking Sign Image or Tri City Customs. They both do outstanding work. They just have much higher overhead than we do and in turn need to charge more for the same services we offer. Now it has also been asked of me how can we be so much lower on price than our competition. Are we using inferior materials? That answer is no. We use many of the same materials they do as well as much of the same equipment. Don't be fooled by the price, we are just as qualified and provide quality products just as good and in some cases better than our competition. We pride ourselves on providing number one customer satisfaction and make it a priority to make you happy with your experience with Ultimate Graphic and Sign LLC. So the next time you search the Internet for sign makers, don't look past us when Sign Image, Tri City Customs, Barrett Sign, Universal Sign, Sign Tec, Midway Signs, Higher Image, or Signs by Walt, comes up in your search. Call us; Ultimate Graphic and Sign LLC at 989-865-5200.

We also offer Screen Printing and Embroidery services. These services are done in house also. We don't send it out to another shop; so in the event there is a problem with your product or you simply want to make a last minute change, you can work directly with us with no delay in service.

We can screen print just about anything flat, from clothing to frisbees, to custom tags. We also offer MIL-STD-130N marking for military based products. We will also come to your facility and mark your large parts like landing gear, fuel tanks, pumps and valves that are just too large to move around. For this type of marking we use temporary stencils custom made to meet your needs. We also manufacture and sell the stencils so you can do the marking yourself.

Embroidery can be done on anything from clothing to hats to automotive. We offer competitive pricing and in most cases do not charge digitizing fees on most designs with larger orders.

Ultimate Graphic and Sign LLC is small enough to serve the little guy with one on one personal service and big enough to serve the big corporations with the same one on one service the little guy gets. If you need to order 1 shirt, hat or decal, we welcome your order. We have no minimum orders. We also have no maximum order as well, so if you need 10,000 pcs. of any item we can meet your needs. So the next time you search the Internet for screen printing, silk screening, and embroidery services and Sandlot Sports, Sport Tee, T J’s Screen Printing, Awards and Sports, Affordable Screen Printing, Designs by Bean, or ATS Printing comes up, remember us, Ultimate Graphic and Sign LLC. 989-865-5200.

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8071 S. Iva Rd.

St. Charles, MI 48655



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